The 60-year-old blueberry farm is set in the beautiful Kankakee Sands, a unique and relaxing place to spend time picking blueberries and enjoying nature.


No chemicals are used on the farm - no fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. 

The farm is a community development initiative to provide jobs and revenue to this economically depressed rural community in east central Illinois.

Update 2020


Thank you for joining us for the 2019 festival. Due to the covid pandemic, the Blueberry Festival for 2020 has gone virtual. Visit Rehoboth Blueberry Farm Facebook page here.

Healthy Food


Blueberries are a super food with high levels of antioxidants. Blueberry plants thrive naturally in the sandy Pembroke soil with abundant organic matter.

Local Impact


Profits support the local Rehoboth Mennonite Church and economic development of the community.

Natural Goodness


Blueberry harvest runs from the early July through early August. Get extra for drying, canning, or freezing to enjoy later.

Rehoboth Blueberry Farm is a nonprofit organization with the goal of supporting the ministries of Rehoboth Mennonite Church and 

economic development for Hopkins Park and Pembroke, IL.

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