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Rehoboth Blueberry Farm

15729 E. 3000 S. Road

Pembroke Township, IL 60958

We expect to be picking from July 1 through early August.

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$5 for 1 pint

$35 for 1 gallon (7 pints plus 1 free pint) 

Delivery charge is $20 for a 5 gallon minimum

Delivery available ONLY for orders of 5 gallons or more within 70 mile radius.

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Pickup Tuesdays and Thursdays:  9am-1pm ONLY.

Pick up berries at:

Rehoboth Mennonite Church

15729 E. 3000 S. Road

Pembroke Township, IL 60958


Rehoboth Blueberry Farm is a nonprofit organization with the goal of supporting the ministries of Rehoboth Mennonite Church and 

economic development for Hopkins Park and Pembroke, IL.

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